EyeTech™ Combi

Particle size & shape analysis using laser obscuration and video

The EyeTech™ Particle Size and Shape Analyzer is developed for fast and accurate Particle Size & Shape Analysis.

The EyeTech™ combines two Single Particle Sizing methodologies: a Dynamic Laser Technology and a Dynamic Video/Camera technology both on the same sample. Single Particle Sizing ensures high resolution and better results. Measurement of the samples is much closer to the nature of the sample compared with Assembling Technologies like Laser diffraction.

The EyeTech™ brings size, shape and concentration data together to form a comprehensive blue print of your particle system. The remarkable flexibility of the EyeTech™ gives answers to all your particle questions!

This all with the friendly, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software with more than 40 shape-parameters and the data output for size-distributions in the format you wish.


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