EyeWizard P4 TDA

Object and Document Analysis for 2D & 3D analysis

A trasological and document analysis microscope can help you verify the authenticity of passports, ID cards, visa stamps and seals, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, banknotes, securities and other documents with security features but also microchips and others.

Ambivalue presents best microscope for trasological analysis.The study of traces, tools, mechanisms, devices, i.e. diagnostic (detection, fixation and suitability of traces) and identification studies of traces, defects at sites, examination of products displaying the features of machine tools and tools, examination of locks, seals, including etc.). A microscope can help you view residues of cleaning materials and scanning large objects with highest microscopic details without any artifacts.

Forensic & Object examinations

  • dactylographic
  • trasological
  • ballistic
  • handwriting
  • forensic technical (passports, driving licenses, banknotes, other documents identifying a holder, technical and other vehicle documents, visas, seals and stamps,  documents with special protection).


Mishell  is the best sophisticated Image analysis software package available on the market today. Simple to use and incredible sophisticated when it comes to the specific application. The software is delivered with all machine vision systems our company provides.

The MIshell package consists of the following building blocks: MiCam (camera interfacing),  MiMea (2D measurements, size and shape parameters, profiling), MiDab (database ), MiMap (contour plots), MiReg (reporting), MiVim (3D visualization). Each of these blocks have unique features which the user can choose.

Mishell can interact with practically any camera system on the market. Beyond that it can also be used to integrate all sorts of instrumental control features, like stepper motor, Illumination and many more.

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