Particle Dispenser

Sample Prep tool for powders on stubs (SEM) and glass-slides (Microscopy)

The Particle Dispenser is used to disperse a powder sample uniformly on a microscope slide to be analyzed with the ACM-110 Microscope Slide Cell. Alternatively, the slide can be analyzed using an optical microscope.

A small quantity of powder is placed in a well at the top of the cylindrical reservoir of the Particle Dispenser. Vacuum is applied, and with an abrupt trigger, the vacuum seal is momentarily broken. The sample is instantaneously sucked into the vacuum reservoir. The abrupt suction creates turbulent flow with high Reynolds numbers, and high shear forces, causing agglomerates to be broken, and the particles to be dispersed uniformly in the reservoir volume. After a short while equilibrium is achieved, as the reservoir has very low internal forces. Gravitational sedimentation then occurs simulating the process of isokinetic sampling and the particles form a uniform monolayer on the slide.


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Demonstration of particle dispenser